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Thought I was purchasing two beautiful toy shar-pei puppies, but what a surprise I got.One is a mix breed, and the other has to be put down.

These are not the dogs I purchased. Contacted the vet that signed the Health Certificate and sent him photo's he advised that these were not the dogs he saw, so they are taking different dogs in for health clearance and shipping the sick dogs out. I get NO phone calls returned. PLEASE DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.

The beautiful pictures on puppy find are not what you will receive.

Below are pictures of the female, the 8 week old puppy with the pink roses was the one I was to get, the picture is what I received.The last picture is the male I received.

Review about: Shar Pei Kennel Dog.

Monetary Loss: $2146.


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Harlan, Kentucky, United States #1199808

The same exact thing happened to us.We drove 8 hours to get "Pink Lilac" from these people and it wasn't even the correct puppy.

My mother still took the puppy and sadly it had worms. The puppy died within two hours of getting home.

They will not return our calls.They are nothing but scammers.

Cordova, Tennessee, United States #1141646

I want you know that I also got took just 2 weeks ago and they are slick as can be.We bought a red doberman and of course the registration was falsified and was the registration of a sharpia.

If we can, I have a freind that is a bounty hunter and is a retired federal Marshall and he is on they trail and I personally am applying for a court order to get their recent address from puppy find.If I find they are in connection with this scam ,then they will also be proscuted.

to Dogface431 Russellville, Kentucky, United States #1141700

Please call us!They got us last Sunday.

We're working on finding out who it is as well.

Maybe we can forces.My number is 270-743-7135.


I recently purchased a puppy from these people...They are now going by Frank and sophia randall.

He introduced her as his sister. When we got our poor lil girl home she was passing worms 12 to 18 inch long. When we brought her to our vet, he said it was worst case of roundworms he had seen.

Also puppy had colitis and an upper respiratory infection.Also gave us and papers that don't even have a registration number.


THey have changed their number to 901-468-6651.Also in memphis, TN.

I was told by another breeder that its the Doyle's again. offering a lifetime warranty on their puppies. They almost got me. I just wanted to put that out there.

They have puppies listed in puppyfind.com under serious inquires only.BEWARE!!!

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #963405

Next time, find a sharpei rescue or search petfinder.com for a specific breed.This is the way breeders are, take your money and keep pumping out a product (the dogs) and can careless about anything else other than profits.

Dog breeders unsure shelters stay full and healthy, viable dogs die. The shelters are not full from magic, it's breeders selling their dogs, owners later dumping them in the shelter. For every dog that's bought from a breeder, it means one in a shelter waiting for a home didn't find one and was put down. When we kill roughly 5million dogs annually, it's safe to say, people can stop breeding.

Those buying from breeders need to be educated on this. I've been rescuing for years, those are the best dogs I've ever had. They all have been purebreds, too. They're all I ever see in shelters anymore.

Sorry for your situation, please rescue next time.It will be cheaper, the dog will of seen a vet and no switcharoo.


They are back on puppyfind under Serious Inquiries only so dogs as low as $400.

Okemah, Oklahoma, United States #940387

Can someone please contact me.I want to see if there is anything I can do to help I too met these people to buy the little puppy in the picture.

It was a horrible experience. I just want them to be caught. I contacted the police and animal control. The puppy they met me with had a broken leg and tail.

On the paw pads you could tell it had been kept in a wire cage. We did not buy the puppy but I do wish that I would've taken her away from them. We had drove 7hrs to get her and then had to drive back empty handed.

I just want all the dogs they raise to be free.shannon.jauregui@yahoo.com

Odessa, Texas, United States #922305

A little good news, as of today, they have no puppies listed on puppy find.


This dog is still on puppy find sight, her birthdate has changed 3 times just since sept. I have contacted puppy find twice, but they seem unwilling to help. Brian ASHFORD dropped his last name from sight now known as Brian aka Santa's Little Helper, more like satan's helper.

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