Shar Pei Kennel Shar Pei Dog Reviews

We purchased a Shar Pei puppy on Saturday morning 8-13-16. When we got home it died within two hours. These people are criminals and need to be in jail. We lost a puppy and $750.00 in one short day. We hope we can bring these people to justice but we cannot find them. They will not answer the phone. They are crooks and low lives. Do not buy from them or you will be sorry. My wife traveled to Lexington, TN, a seven and one half hour drive to...
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I didn't like
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Shar Pei Kennel Shar Pei Dog Review from Clarksville, Tennessee
I myself have fallen into victim of the Doyles known as Bryan Doyle his real name is George Doyle Tabitha and Sandra Webb back in March of 2015 I purchased a puppy from them I had went on puppyfind and I seen this pretty little girl that I wanted when I got her it was not the dog that I had paid for the dog that I got was severely sick holes all in her skin deaf and blind and could barely walk she had been bread so many times that her teats drag...
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